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  • CANMNT is on the brink of exorcising two decades of demons
    Last night’s 4-0 win over Suriname was a massive step for the Canadian Men’s Soccer Team on their road to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. It was far from the team’s best performance, but thanks to Champions League winner Alphonso Davies and Ligue 1 winner Jonathan David, they got the job done convincingly. It […]
  • Euro 2020…/2021? Full Preview: Group B
    Group B: Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Finland Group B is a group that has teams; no one could possibly debate that. You could say that my excitement for Group B is relatively low compared to the rest, and it’s not hard to understand why. Belgium is clearly the class of the group; the number 1 ranked […]

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Ok, Sam. I’ve subscribed. And here’s my first bit of feedback. There is no such thing as ‘offsides’. Not in hockey. Not in football. And definitely not in soccer. Only former USMNT players and the like use that term. Yes, it may exist in Websters Dictionary but any real (footie) fan knows the correct term is ‘offside’. I was watching NBC Sports’ coverage of a footie match a couple of weeks ago and the commentator…a former USMNT defender, I beliveve…repeatedly said “That’s offsides”. ARGH! I almost turned it off. And if you want to describe what the plural of ‘offside’ is you would say ‘offside calls’ or ‘offside plays’. I look forward to reading Offside Sports Blog.


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